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The ever-increasing availability of new connection technologies like fibre-based broadband and increasingly faster computers means remote working has never been so simple or stable.

We can connect your remote machine to your office network as transparently and securely as if you were in the same building, no matter where you are. We can also connect remotely to your machine to provide support. Desktop syncing apps allow you to sync folders and files to your computer, ready to be used when you are away from the business network – you can simply re-sync any changes when you return.

Web-based remote access allows you to log in and view your files from any internet-connected computer at any time, and mobile applications provide the same remote access capabilities. Files and folders can be shared with work colleagues or clients and can include optional time and rights restrictions in order to limit access if necessary, while end-to-end encryption ensures that files are sent securely between your network and the remote user.

Custom web apps allow your business to travel with your staff in an easy-to-use, mobile-responsive format which integrates perfectly with your back-office systems and workflow. To streamline things further we can design your system as browser-based web software. This differs from traditional desktop and mobile software in that it’s not installed on the end-user’s computer. Instead, it’s accessed using your preferred web browser. Browser-based functionality means you can access your systems from anywhere with any device when you’re online, whilst built-in offline functionality means that you can still work whether or not you have an internet connection. Even if your staff are spread across different countries and continents, you can be sure they’re using the same systems and following the same processes.