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With more people working from home or businesses with a hybrid office providing the right computing solution to your staff is becoming more important. Remote access is one solution, but it relies on you having a computer for each user running on your premises. An alternative to this is a cloud virtual desktop.

What is a Cloud Virtual Desktop?

VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, is a technology that allows users to access and interact with a virtualised desktop environment hosted on a centralised server or data centre. Instead of running desktop operating systems and applications locally on individual computers, VDI enables the virtualization of these resources, making them accessible to users over the internet.

What are the advantages of Virtual Desktops?

  • Centralized Management
  • Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Security
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Scalability
  • Improved Disaster Recovery

Cloud Virtual desktops allow you to provide your staff with a desktop computer environment that can be accessed from anywhere using a range of different devices as and when they need.