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Run your business with confidence. 

From initial analysis of your needs and requirements to installation, training and maintenance, we'll provide you with honest, relevant advice and clear communication at every stage.

From a standalone PC to a custom-built integrated network running an entire business, we can analyse, plan, build and install the right system for you. From cabling to cameras and software to servers, our years of experience stand us in perfect stead to create systems that work for you, the way you want them to. We carry high-quality PCs and displays of various sizes in stock, as well as Kyocera printers and consumables. Every PC we sell is configured in-house to ensure maximum efficiency and effective service.

But shiny new computers and massive servers aren’t everything. More prosaic – but equally essential – are items such as network switches, routers, racks, modems, firewalls, Wi-Fi hotspots and cabling, all of which we keep in stock to suit demand. All have an equally crucial part to play when creating or upgrading your IT systems, and it’s important to the smooth running of your business that they are the best fit for the job and installed properly. 

We've worked for many years alongside businesses in the retail, education and business sectors - giving us a peerless ability to truly understand your needs and to design, install and manage the ideal system for you.

Orvis provides IT Management and Consultancy services to any size of business. We have extensive experience in managing and supporting Microsoft and Linux platforms, and we know that the "big names" aren't the only option for successful IT/ICT. Time and again, we've seen that designing and implementing systems based around the use of alternative platforms can result in tangible cost benefits and offer vastly increased reliability and security.

As part of the services we offer, we've created the Orvis Business Platform - an integrated, modular combination of hardware and software designed to help your business run smoothly, every day.