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Sometimes, off-the-shelf software just doesn't do it.

Maybe it's bloated with features you just don't need. Maybe it's nearly what you want, but doesn't quite dovetail with the way your business works. We're experienced in writing, providing and maintaining software systems, designed to fit with the way you work. We've designed and built web apps, database systems, student portals, payment and E-commerce systems, content management systems and more.

Bespoke software offers several important advantages. It can easily be customized to include your in-house branding, for instance, and it is - by nature - more secure than commercial software; largely because hackers don't have the same acess to it so are unlikely to be able to exploit any vulnerabilities. There may be initial development costs, but these can be offset by the lack of ongoing license fees because you own the product. 

Don't change your workflow to suit your systems - let us create systems that work for you.