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Managed IT support on the Isle of Man

IT support designed around the way you want to work.

Years of experience supporting clients at management level have given us a unique insight into the real-life inner workings of many companies on and off the Isle of Man. We understand that no two businesses are the same and that what works for one may not work with another.

There are three main ways that businesses can get IT support.

  1. Break-Fix – When something breaks, you pay someone to fix it. This can be the most disruptive to your business as you may need to wait for an IT support provider to be available or pay higher hourly rates.
  2. Managed IT Support – With this option, you outsource your IT support to an IT support provider via a Support contract. These contracts will give you a predictable monthly cost and will include an agreed service level.
  3. Self-Managed – Here you would need to hire someone to provide IT support for your business. For small businesses, this can be expensive, and for larger businesses, finding someone who has expertise for all your requirements can be difficult.

At Orvis, we have a range of IT support options to fit your needs. From remote-only support to fully Managed IT support, we can help get the IT support cover you need.

IT Support Packages

We offer several support package options at varying price points, all dedicated to keeping you up and running with the minimum of inconvenience. We will take the time to analyse and understand your business structure and processes, allowing us to tailor a reliable, affordable maintenance solution that is perfectly suited to your needs. Service-level agreements provide unmatched peace of mind and confidence that your IT issues will be dealt with quickly and effectively, limiting downtime.

Orvis Support Contracts

On-Site or Remote Support

In situations where we can’t get to you immediately – maybe you’re travelling on business, for example – we employ advanced remote-connection software to access your system enabling us to offer real-time support wherever you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, we can help. 

Orvis Remote Support