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For businesses looking to better manage their internal IT infrastructure, we offer the Orvis Business Server - part of the Orvis Business Platform.

The Orvis Business Server is a Linux-based system, designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to Windows Server whilst retaining all the advantages. In the OBS, users are managed via a central directory and can login to any machine on the network using roaming profiles. Users maintain individual email accounts and calendars which can be accessed using IMAP, CalDav or Exchange, and which can be shared between users.

The OBS offers network-based file storage, which allows multiple users to access the same files from a centrally managed location. Different levels of access can be easily maintained across multiple users and groups.

OBS can be combined with our Orvis Black Box backup system, enabling you to make regular backups of essential data on-site and, with Orvis Remote Backup, to save files to a secure off-site location.

What does it Cost?

OBS costs a lot less than you might expect, as there are no expensive software licenses required, but cost does depend on the features specified and the number of devices that need to be set up and configured. Call us today on 625665 to discuss your businesses requirements. Don't forget we're experts in IT/ICT infrastructure, too.